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on writing for 'neuroceans'

The aim with the 'NeurOceans' is to begin to envisage what we all want with a virtual Future....
It's a future of sharing art and ideas.....musical communion.....and higher communication.....
that works always in confluence with the Source - reality - as opposed to an imbalance.

It recognises who and what we are - connected to Earth - evolving.....and yet we are 'tinkerers' .....meddling with our own code....
There is still a distinction between those 'connected' and those 'disconnected'.
And there are writings that deal with situations where an imbalance occur - leading to addiction, and the usual cyberpunk problems.....abuse of powers...

But , using Nanofiction, (short, 500 word or less, to be read onscreen if possible)....the idea is to get away from the usual good and bad stories, and use writing to envisage possible uses of technology.....and still be illuminated, inspired, gripped even.....

Enter the N E U R O C E A N S

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